Welcome to ZoBird Pottery. My name is Zoe Rae and I throw functional pottery in Burlington Vermont.

    Throughout my life, there has been one constant -- ceramics. I love playing with clay and porcelain. I love throwing pots. I am filled with awe when I watch the forms as they take shape on my wheel and when I open the kiln to discover the colors and textures that the heat has produced. But what I love most of all is sharing what I have created.       When creating my forms and glaze combinations, I look to nature. More specifically, I look to permaculture. Permaculture primarily involves landscape design in order to create sustainable self sufficient ecosystems. A successful permaculture garden requires balance and is only achieved when there is a true symbiotic relationship among the plants, the animals, the soil, the water and the air. It follows that our nourishment should come from what is local and our daily practices should reflect the traditions of our past. 
   These are the principles that guide my life and it is in this spirit, that I share my creations -- as a tool to empower people to embrace a shift -- from power to fulfillment, progress to sustainability, profit to nourishment and product to relationship. It is here that true community emerges.

Currently, I am a member of The Form Collective, a collaborative makers space in the South End of Burlington, Vermont. This is where I create the majority of my work. At The Form we focus on artists sharing life, work-space, resources, community, and creativity. To learn more about The Form Collective visit : www.theformcollective.com . I am also a member of Burlington City Arts, a non-profit, educational studio space whose mission rests in creativity, imagination, and the larger communities relationship with the arts. Here I volunteer in the Clay Studio as a Studio Assistant. To learn more about BCA visit : www.burlingtoncityarts.org .